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Radiant Resilience Method Mentorship

Radiant Resilience Method Mentorship allows you to reduce your anxiety by breaking free from cycles of worry and guilt, so you can feel more at ease and live more authentically all in 10 weeks!

When I first started my healing journey 12 years ago, I was overrun with anxiety, panic attacks and taking on way too much without any awareness of what I needed or truly wanted.  


I always ignored myself and endlessly poured into everyone and everything else.  I felt guilty not helping people when they needed it, and I found myself overworked and completely depleted with no one to help me. 


I was probably a lot like you are right now...


❌ Found myself constantly saying yes to everything, everyone, and lacking awareness of my limits and the deeper toll it was taking on my physical, mental and emotional health


❌ Appeasing everyone and struggling to know, yet alone voice what I needed


❌ Constantly worry about what could go wrong


❌ Beating myself up about choices I made, where I could’ve done more, or how I should’ve acted in a situation


❌ Bottling up emotions and overreacting to things, which left me feeling guilt, shame and the need to excessively apologize


❌ Feeling like something is missing or that I’m stuck in life, but not sure how to change it


❌ Being in relationships that lacked reciprocity, trust and authentic connection.  I found myself “mothering” everyone and never truly able to let my guard down


I was struggling to live in ease and knew at some level what I was doing was not getting me where I wanted to be…


I had spent years of healing and learning countless methods to alleviate the anxiety and burdens of guilt.


But I finally cracked the code... and everything finally clicked into place. Through my journey, I have designed a method using the most impactful techniques to create long lasting change in only 10 weeks!


...While every anxious mom and nurturer is trying to manage their anxiety with therapy sessions, some breath techniques they read in a magazine, or simply venting to friends or anyone who will listen for that matter….


Our clients are silently implementing our Radiant Resilience Method and accessing the root cause of their anxiety and guilt without needing endless talk therapy sessions or years to do it.


You see,  we manage anxiety and emotional regulation differently.

and more importantly, the way we do it... works. 


If you’re a mom and nurturer, and you’d like to finally be free from anxiety and “mom-guilt”, so you can feel more joy, ease and authenticity... 


Let’s get to it!  Schedule a Discovery Call to learn how this program can be the change you've been looking for!


This mentorship program is structured to address the root cause of your anxieties and worries, so you can move beyond simply managing the intrusive, negative thoughts and gut-wrenching feelings, and truly transcend them!  You will live a more relaxed life where your needs matter, and your connections to your family, friends and community have more depth. You will be able to harness your energy to get things done, so you will have more free to rest, play and enjoy your life with your loved ones.

You receive private coaching & healing sessions alongside group support to meet YOUR specific needs and desires.

3 pillars to Ease & Authenticity

Inner Refuge 

This is the foundation which we build upon.  Here, we learn to regulate the nervous system through relaxation and embodied practices to experience inner peace.  We take this a step further by connecting with the body and cultivating safety within to allow for a deeper transformation. 

Unburden & Unwind

Here we dive in further to release stuck emotions, like anxiety and guilt, from the body to not only help alleviate physical tension and pain, but also impact the way your mind perceives those experiences.  By using clinical hypnotherapy techniques, you can explore the emotions and past experiences that have led you to create your current protective mental conditioning, and you can actually free yourself from it, opening space to create a new way of being!

Unapologetic Future

Now you're ready to reclaim your true authenticity and worthiness by you embodying a new sense of ease, connection and vibrancy in your life! You will spend time practicing what this way of being looks like and embed into your body and mind, so it feels truly part of your belief system.  We will also lay out an action plan to keep you in alignment and integrity. 

Program Offerings

  • Access to 10 weeks of educational course modules and guided practices

  • 2 weekly group calls including a Q&A and community practice

  • Ongoing communication and support through private Telegram Channel

  • 4, 1-1 private sessions with Anna to meet your individual needs

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