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Colorful Crystal

Anna strives to live her values of love, connection and understanding. Throughout her life, she sought out knowledge and experiences that would bring her closer to knowing and embodying these values.  During her adolescence, she explored history, science and metaphysics to try and understand where she came from, why people do what they do and how she can help create a more loving, just world where all individuals can thrive and live their purpose.  This exploration led her to follow a path of education.  Anna studied history at Rutgers University and completed her Masters in Education in 2013.  She believed teaching was her purpose; to share the knowledge her teachers gave her, and support youth helping to build their confidence to reach for their dreams.

During Anna’s time in college, she stumbled on Yoga.  This practice sparked within her experiences of deep inner connection, greater calmness and overall a more positive disposition.  She continued her practice throughout college and her time teaching.  The summer after her first year teaching, she embarked on her first 200 hour Yoga teacher training immersion in Rishikesh, India. This is a pivotal experience that opened doors to an understanding of Yoga she never experienced in her previous classes.  She left India feeling lighter, more centered and grounded in her heart’s purpose to help support others in knowing who they are and that their light can change the world.  

"This practice sparked within her experiences of deep inner connection, greater calmness and overall a more positive disposition."

Upon returning to her public school teaching job from such a profound, life changing experience, Anna faced hardship and dissonance within the education world and her purpose in it.  Anna always knew she was a teacher and the power of knowledge in transforming lives.  But she also had greater clarity in seeing the dysfunctions of the education system and the ways it perpetuates dominant power and the inequities that so many groups face based on racism, sexism, ableism and more.  At the time, Anna did not know how to reckon with a system she once deeply believed could bring so much positive change, yet continues to adhere to a culture that does not allow individuals to fully live authentically, safely and freely.  She decided to leave her teaching job, and continue her search for a path that aligned with her core values. 


Anna’s search to find community and work that aligned with her values led her back to India to deepen her knowledge, sense of self and spiritual connection.  She traveled the northern, southern and western coasts exploring various cities from Dehli, Rishikesh, Bangalore and more.  In addition, Anna immersed herself in a 300-hour Yoga teacher training in Mysore, followed by a 10-day Vipassana meditation in Kerala.  Her studies and experiences strengthened her trust in her decision and the path she was on.  Anna returned to NJ and found communities supporting youth in their growth in Asbury Park, NJ, and another providing Yoga spaces for individuals who do not fit the mainstream image of Yoga in Madison, NJ. 

Her work in these communities helped deepen her purpose as a teacher, as well as expand her knowledge learning trauma-informed methods and ways to make Yoga more accessible and individuals to feel safer in their practice. 

"Anna always knew she was a teacher and the power of knowledge in transforming lives."

Anna has spent the last several years deepening her Yoga practice and learning other healing modalities including Reiki, a Japanese healing art, along with hypnotherapy and past life regression.  Her Reiki journey has expanded her connection to self and strengthened her spirituality.  Her exploration of hypnotherapy and past life regression have bridged the spiritual and physical worlds by providing additional methods to rewire her subconscious beliefs and confidently step into her authentic self . Anna’s consistent practice of Reiki, Yoga and exploration of her inner world helped expand her intuitive gifts.  These modalities continue to help her heal the deeper layers of trauma she faced throughout her life and within her family lineage.   


Anna believes in the power of healing, knowledge, love, connection and understanding to bring positive change in the world and allow all people to live authentically.  She believes that when we know who we are and move from the guidance of our heart, we can strengthen our love for ourselves, one another and build communities that are safer, supportive and evolve with integrity and fairness.   Anna seeks to continue expanding her practices and providing support to others who seek community grounded in love, respect and understanding.  She wants to be of service to others; empowering them in their own ability to heal and connect to the powerful light within themselves that can change their lives and the world in so many beautiful, positive ways. 

Yoga Studio

Education and Training

Masters in Education, Rutgers GSE 2013

200-hour Yoga teacher training, Shiva Yoga Peeth, 2015

300-hour Yoga teacher training, Yogadarshanam, 2017

Vipassana 10-day Meditation Retreat, 2017

12-hour Restorative Yoga Training, Dhyana Yoga Arts, 2018

40-hour Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Training, 2018

75-hour Trauma Training from Embodied Philosophy, 2019

Reiki Master, 2019

ERYT-500, Yoga Alliance, 2020


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