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Co-Creating Safer Spaces for Healing.

Anna currently works with private clients, as well as facilitating community classes including Group Reiki and Reiki Trainings at the Jersey Shore and beyond. Her intention is to hold space in the highest vibrations allowing individuals to feel relaxed, access deeper layers of who they are, and empower each person in their ability to heal through private and group offerings. 


Anna's mission is to support individuals and help co-create safer spaces for healing, allowing each of us to live authentically and justly. See below for the services she offers.

Private Sessions

Anna provides private Yoga, Reiki, PLR & Hypnotherapy sessions for anyone who has a desire to heal & grow.

Group Sessions

Community classes like group Reiki are available every month.

Online and In-Person Training/Workshops

Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, & Reiki trainings and workshops take place over zoom & in-person.

Pay-It-Forward Model

Special pricing & scholarships are available to individuals in-need thanks to clients who pay-it-forward.


James Silverio

"Reiki from a true MASTER.  Many years ago, I tried a Reiki session and truly enjoy it.  So when I found that Anna was it, I knew I had to give it a shot.   I’ve done a few of her yoga classes and she was never short of a true professional.  She arrived at my house on time and proceeded to walk me through the session.  Little by little, I felt my stress and tension melt away, and at one point I felt like I was laying on a cloud.  I left the session feeling revitalized and completely relaxed, yet...full of energy.  A feeling I haven’t been able to replicate since.  As soon as the pandemic slows down, I will surely be booking another session & you should too. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

Free Guided Practice


Let's Co-Create

& share space together

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